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DotNek software & app development company

Dublin, Cork, Ireland

History of DotNek Formation

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DotNek has a long history of software development. In 2003, the co-founders decided to form a software company in Asia. They finally created the branch called "Akan". After a short while, they started to do countless projects for large organizations and companies.

In 2016, Akan had its next European branch in Austria called "Akantor e.U." and was successful in different projects there too.

Then co-founders decided to invest more and created a larger team as the main branch in Slovakia, and currently, the company is registered as a technology and software brand, performing worldwide. Slovak branch is now the mother company of all the previous branches. The team is more professional than ever, and our goal is to make every possible project more standard and more optimized.

The current mission is developing cross-platform mobile apps for the store with a high-quality UI and backend.

Meet the team

The people behind the projects

Neshat Khazeni

Neshat Khazeni

Co-Founder - CEO

Nasim Nikoo

Nasim Nikoo

Co-Founder - CTO

Mobile app development team member

Bronislav R.

Development Manager

Mobile app designer

Andrea K.


Android & iOS app analyzer

Barsha J.

Analysis Expert

App support

Mona G.

Support Manager