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We will create games based on ideas. We also analyze, test, play, deploy and advertise your game.-Trinidad and Tobago

, Trinidad and Tobago

App development cost

Android and iOS Application development with the newest technology
, Trinidad and Tobago

Single-PlatformCross-PlatformCross-Platform ProCross-Platform Enterprise
PlatformEither iOS or Android programmingBoth Android and iOS programmingBoth Android and iOS programmingAll Android & iOS & Windows
Ability for users to login with Email/Social Media
Personal Profile for users
Ability to take photos or record videos with phone camera
User Review/Rating in the app
Implement any type of form, text or image content, item listing, search
Data encryption / Basic Security
Local database
Generating app icons for all sizes , screenshots submiting on store
Deep Linking / URL scheme
Pull to Refresh
14-day money back guarantee
Apply small changes after launch by customer request1 Month3 Months3 Months12 Months
Push Notification
Online or Cloud Database / API / connect to website
Pay with PayPal (Accept payments in 60+ countries)
In-App Purchase
In-App Advertising (for monetizing)
Ability to sell products
Ability to manage orders, shipping process and order status
Advanced Security
Using Map/GPS/Location/Bluetooth/QR code/Phone Sensors
Game Cloud services
Social media marketing
Multiple language support
ASO (app store optimization)
Increase app visitors by promoting and optimizing the app

Do you also want to create a game, but don't have any idea where to start?

Don't worry. You are not the only one. Let us make your idea complete. We will let you know which type of games are less risky for investment, we will plan and analyze the game, and we can also tell you where to show ads to have a good income without making the user bored.

Just let us know about your thoughts and plans, and we can make an appointment for a free consultation.

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